This City Is Not For Sale

I just received the first (but, unfortunately not the last) hit piece against me and fellow candidates who want to see real reform take place on the Democratic County Central Committee. What we stand for is real change according to the Democratic Party Platform. We are running because:

  • We believe that exploiting a loophole that allows the solicitation of unlimited campaign funds is not only egregious, but is a clear turnoff to potential voters. It just "smells" bad. I have pledged to support a cap of $5,000 on campaign spending for the Democratic County Central Committee
  • We believe that no lobbyist of any stripe should be chairing the County Central Committee. It should be made up of Democrats who may have their own opinions and goals for the party, but are not paid shills for a particular interest group.
  • We support real affordable housing options for all San Franciscans. Every single candidate for the SFDCCC claims to support affordable housing, but the devil is in the details. Currently, we have a surfeit of luxury or market rate housing and not enough true affordable housing, especially in the Mission District. This is what the current bard has endorsed. Essentially, it is a rehash of trickle down economic theories. We need to develop a clear plan that includes everyone.

I hope you can help me meet these goals. Please donate so I can contribute to the costs of the slate cards of the great organizations that have endorsed me including the Sierra Club, Harvey Milk Democratic Club, SF Latino Democratic Club, SF District 11 Democratic Club, Richmond Democratic Club among others. Thank you.

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